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Drunk / Distracted Driving is a Major Cause of Accidents

Yes, drunk or distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents. When a person operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, their ability to drive safely and react quickly to changing road conditions is significantly impaired. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Impaired judgment and decision-making: Alcohol affects a person’s cognitive abilities, leading to poor judgment and decision-making skills. This can result in risky behaviors while driving, such as speeding, running red lights, or making dangerous lane changes.
  • Reduced coordination and motor skills: Alcohol impairs motor skills, making it difficult for drivers to maintain control of the vehicle. This can lead to swerving, overcorrecting, or being unable to brake or accelerate appropriately.
  • Decreased reaction time: Alcohol slows down the central nervous system, including the brain’s processing speed. As a result, intoxicated drivers have delayed reaction times, making it challenging to respond to unexpected situations on the road, such as sudden stops or pedestrians crossing.
  • Poor vision and perception: Alcohol affects vision and depth perception, making it harder for drivers to accurately judge distances, see clearly, or detect potential hazards. This increases the risk of collisions with other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians.
  • Increased likelihood of drowsiness: Alcohol can make drivers feel drowsy or fatigued, especially when consumed in large quantities. Falling asleep or experiencing microsleep while behind the wheel can have catastrophic consequences.

Due to these impairments, drunk driving poses a severe threat to road safety. To prevent accidents caused by alcohol-impaired driving, it is crucial for individuals to refrain from driving if they have consumed alcohol and to find alternative means of transportation such as designated drivers, public transportation, or ridesharing services.

What to do if you have been injured by a drunk or distracted driver

If you have been injured by a drunk or distracted driver, it’s important to take immediate steps to protect yourself and seek appropriate legal recourse. Here are some important actions to consider:

  • Seek medical attention: Your health and well-being should be the top priority. If you are injured, promptly seek medical attention, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent but can worsen over time.
  • Report the incident: Contact the police and report the accident. Provide them with all the necessary details about the incident, including the driver’s intoxication and any witnesses present. The police report will be an essential document for insurance claims and legal proceedings.
  • Document the scene: If possible, gather evidence at the accident scene. Take photographs of the vehicles involved, the damage caused, and any visible injuries. Also, note the location, date, and time of the incident.
  • Gather information: Collect the contact information of the drunk driver, including their name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and insurance details. If there were witnesses to the accident, obtain their contact information as well.
  • Preserve evidence: Preserve any evidence related to the accident, such as medical records, medical bills, photographs, and repair estimates for your vehicle. These documents will be crucial when filing insurance claims or pursuing legal action.
  • Notify your insurance company: Contact your own insurance company to report the accident and provide them with the necessary information. They can guide you through the claims process and assist you in seeking compensation.
  • Consult with an attorney: Consider consulting with a personal injury attorney experienced in handling cases involving drunk driving accidents. They can provide legal advice, assess your case, help determine liability, and guide you through the legal process.
  • Pursue legal action: If you decide to pursue legal action against the drunk driver, your attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and other related damages.

Remember, each legal case is unique, and the laws may vary depending on your jurisdiction. It is advisable to consult with an attorney who can provide guidance specific to your situation and help protect your rights.

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