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Experienced Alabama Lawyer Pursues Damages From Negligent Parties

When you’ve been injured by the negligent actions of someone else, enforcing your legal rights can seem like an additional burden at the worst possible time. It’s not surprising that many victims accept an early settlement offer just so they can move on. Defense lawyers and insurance companies know this and often try to get away with a substandard offer. BKM Injury Lawyer in Birmingham is a law firm dedicated to giving Alabama personal injury plaintiffs the information and support they need to collect the compensation they deserve from negligent individuals and businesses. In auto accidents, medical malpractice, and premises liability actions, we develop complete strategies to help you obtain payment to cover healthcare expenses, lost income, and other costs related to your injury.

Experience and Expertise: The Hallmarks of BKM, Your Auto Injury Lawyer in Birmingham and Hoover, AL

As an established car accident lawyer in the community, we fully understand the distress, trauma, and uncertainty that such incidents can cause. This understanding fuels our dedication to providing you with comprehensive, compassionate, and competent legal support. We are not just an accident lawyer firm; we are BKM Injury Lawyers – a team committed to your cause and always ready to fight for your rights.

Our expertise is not limited to car accidents. We extend our services to include other types of vehicular accidents as well. Whether you require a bicycle accident attorney or a motorcycle accident attorney, rest assured that BKM has you covered. Our wide-reaching expertise ensures that we can provide the legal guidance and representation you need, no matter the nature of your vehicular accident.

Dedicated Advocates Handle Claims Arising From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether an auto accident is triggered by a distraction, drug or alcohol impairment, or simple carelessness, the harm can be severe and even permanent. If you’ve been in a collision, our proven attorneys advocate for your rights with insurance companies and at trial. You can trust us to deliver strong advocacy in a full range of cases, including those pertaining to:

  • Truck accidents — Large commercial vehicles pose a real danger to the smaller vehicles they share the road with, so trucks are bound by special rules that drivers and fleet owners must abide by. If you’ve been injured in a truck collision, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if these regulations were violated. From there, our lawyers work to hold all of the negligent parties accountable.

  • Motorcycle crashes — Motorcycle riders don’t have the same protection as people in cars and trucks. Unfortunately, this situation can be made worse by drivers who ignore the law designed to protect riders. We take effective action on behalf of injured bikers.

  • Vehicle rollovers — Sport utility vehicles and certain other types of cars and trucks are overly susceptible to dangerous rollovers. When someone has been hurt in this type of accident, we determine if a design or manufacturing flaw contributed in any way to the injury.

We offer a free initial consultation so you don’t have to wait to get informed advice about your potential claim.

At BKM, we are more than just auto injury lawyers. As a comprehensive personal injury law firm, we also handle cases related to medical negligence and wrongful death. If you’re looking for a medical negligence lawyer or a wrongful death lawyer, the team at BKM Injury Lawyer is here to help. Let us be your voice, your advocate, and your support in these trying times. Trust in our ability to deliver justice and peace of mind.

Skillful Firm Represents People Hurt in Slip and Fall Incidents

Property owners must take reasonable care of their premises to maintain a safe environment for visitors. If someone slips and falls due to a cracked sidewalk, liquid spilled on a restaurant floor, or a hazard left in a store aisle, they can seek reimbursement for medical costs that result. However, Alabama’s contributory negligence law prevents victims from obtaining a financial recovery if they are assigned any fault for their injury. Our qualified attorneys can counter defense arguments and give you the best chance to secure a favorable outcome.

Knowledgeable Legal Counselors Assist Medical Malpractice Victims

Even if you have a compelling claim, an Alabama medical malpractice lawsuit could fail if strict rules are not followed. From the time you suspect that you were hurt by a doctor or some other healthcare provider, it’s important to gather evidence to show that compensable harm occurred. Our firm will retain the experts needed to prove that professional care standards were violated. In many situations, victims of medical malpractice aren’t sure why their condition got worse, but our experienced litigators can uncover the truth and deliver strong results in a verdict or settlement.

Compassionate Litigator Files Wrongful Death Action After Fatal Incidents

When negligence or intentional misconduct results in a fatality, it’s a loss that resonates with the victim’s loved ones forever. In these instances, the personal representative of the decedent’s estate can pursue legal relief in a wrongful death action. Alabama law requires these lawsuits to be filed within two years of the date of death, and only punitive damages are available in these lawsuits, based on the defendant’s level of culpability and the public interest in deterring similar conduct. If you are the personal representative or a potential heir for the estate of a wrongful death victim, we can explain the process and advocate for an appropriate result.

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BKM Injury Lawyer advocates for Alabamans in all types of personal injury and wrongful death actions, including claims related to vehicle accidents and medical malpractice. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Birmingham office, please call 205-506-4395 or contact us online.